The Art of Ninja Shadow Warriors

Ninjutsu can be defined as the collection of adaptable survival tactics. With the help of physical and psychological discipline, the practitioner to face the uncertainties of life. Along with this, they respond to harmful situations. They use the orthodox weapons in an unorthodox way. Ninjutsu is also known as Ninpo.

The word can be broken down to understand the meaning. Nin is shinobi or Shinobu that means to apply their thoughts, heart, and ego at the edge of the sword. The other half jutsu means technique.

Modern Schools of Ninjutsu in the 1980s

Modern schools of Ninjutsu are the organization that teaches the art of Ninjutsu. This form includes the techniques used by the ninjas, covert agents and assassins of Japan. During the 1980s many other schools were established across the globe.  Here is the list of schools opened in the 1980s.

Genbukan Organization

The Genbukan build in 1984 in Japan by Shoto Tanemura. He was previously a student and friend of Hatsumi. Tanemura was the Vice President of the Bujikan Shidoshi Association. This organization consists of 100 dojos in nearly 30 countries and 20 states in the US. Genbukan Ninpo Bugei has 36 divisions referred as Ninja Sanjurokkei. The schools teach bikenjutsu, taijutsu and bo jutsu, yari, kusarigama, yumi, and shuriken. Apart from this, the Kokusai Jujutsu Renmei teaches old Japanese self-defense and jujutsu techniques.

He searched for all the remaining students of Takamatsu and their successor as well. The remaining students included:

  • Kimura Masaji
  • Fukumoto Yoshio
  • Sato Kinbei

The list of the successors contained:

  • Kobayashi
  • Akimoto Koki


It was founded by Yossi Sherriff in 1986 in Israel. It was a branch of Bujikan Organization. The school teaches the techniques that were taught to Doron Navon, Sherriff’s teacher. Doron was the first foreign Bujikan Shihan that studied with Tanemura and later with Hatsumi.

Banke Shinobinoden

The Banke Shinobinoden School claims to have a long history. They started teaching Koga and Iga Ninjutsu after the opening of Iga-Ryu Ninjutsu Museum by Jinichi Kawakami.

Modern Schools from the 1900s to Present

Following are the schools that were founded in the 1990s and onwards:

Quest Center

Stephen K. Hayes was first the student of Shoto Tanemura and afterward of Hatsumi. In the 1970s, he learned the martial arts techniques and brought it to the US. In 1997 he retired from the Shadows of Iga Society. He founded the school named Quest Centers where he taught his own unique style, To-Shin Do. It was a different technique from Bujikan, it is the western system of Ninjutsu.

Those that studied here often became certified in BLS as the medical portion of the art. Emergency medical training was common among those who practiced this form of martial arts. Today many who train in Ninjutsu earn PALS certification online along with ACLS and BLS.


Kuroryukan School was established in 2004 by Nuno Santos that also teaches Iga and Koga Ryu Ninjutsu. Its main influence is learned from the master:

  • Ruy San Mendoza (Bujikan Shihan)
  • Alejandro Ramirez (Tenshi Ryu Ninpo Kai Nishi)
  • Sergio Cives (Nindo)

Kage No Shinobu Shakai

The Shadow Shinobi Society is an Elite Organization of Mercenaries dedicated in learning of the art of Ninjutsu. Along with the Ninjutsu, they are also taught stealth tactics. It is an organization that is situated in the northwestern area of the USA. It was founded in 2006 by the military veterans who had the background of martial arts.

Therefore, Ninjutsu has gained more popularity and is seen as a method of self-defense.

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